What is nulled item ? Notes on using nulled item

Usually, with commercial software, such as softwares on computers, themes / plugins, or web apps, ... you need to buy a license to be provided with an activation key. With software, we are all too familiar with the term 'crack', that is, cracking or changing the copyright testing program to activate the entire features of the software without having to enter the key purchased from the author. fake.

For commercial Script, Themes & Plugins, we usually have a license key, to be connected to the author's server (such as Themeforest, Codecanyon, ...) to import demo data, download the necessary plugins or be automatically updated. When there is a new version, especially the license key you are supported directly from the author. The nulled Themes and Plugins usually do not help us get these, but it helps to remove the copyright activation notice, as well as use all the commercial features of those Themes & Plugins.

So is nulled theme dangerous ?

We should be aware that the 'nulled' action of a Theme or Plugin does not harm the use of themes & plugins. If nulled a theme or plugin, if it helps, it is lighter than the case without activation, because after nulled, the real-time connection with the provider's server is turned off, as well as popups. Key activation request entry also no longer runs.

However, some of the nulled process, also adds harmful code, such as inserting backlinks, malicious code ... with malicious purposes. Some dangerous nulled theme cases such as:

  • Having backlinks embedded in the theme, when a large number of users install, will help create a huge amount of backlinks. If it's backlinks from 'bad' websites, then your website will definitely suffer from SEO rankings.
  • Installed ad code.
  • Installed code to redirect your articles to other websites. This is one of the very effective traffic sentence tricks for insecure nulled theme distributors.
  • Encrypted code to create new users, to change, edit the content of your posts. The most typical case is the themes shared on dlwordpress, which has made the community 'spend' themes nulled for a long time.
  • The most dangerous, is to install code to collect user login data, so hackers can find out how to log into other users' accounts if they share the same password for many types of services.